Light Adjustable Lens

Customize Vision after Cataract Surgery with RxSight Light Adjustable Lens

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What is a Light Adjustable Lens?

The RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens is a state-of-the-art intraocular lens (IOL) that can be customized after cataract surgery. This innovative lens allows us to refine your vision until it meets your personal desires and lifestyle requirements.

Unlike traditional IOLs, which offer limited adjustability, the Light Adjustable Lens provides the unique advantage of customizing your vision after your eye has healed from cataract surgery. Using precise UV light treatments, our experienced physicians can adjust the implanted lens in a quick and non-invasive in-office procedure. Each treatment typically lasts around 90 seconds, and patients usually require 2 to 4 light treatments to reach their desired vision goals.

RxSight Light Adjustable Lens – Delivering Superior Vision Outcomes to Our Patients

The light adjustable lens delivers superior vision outcomes that non-adjustable IOLs cannot match. In a US Food and Drug Administration clinical study, the majority of cataract surgery patients achieved 20/20 or better vision at 6 months without glasses.

Benefits of Light Adjustable Lens

  • The only adjustable IOL allowing personalized vision correction after cataract surgery
  • Light treatments are precisely reshape the implanted lens to achieve the desired visual results
  • Patients can preview and compare vision outcome based on personal preference and lifestyle
  • The lens, with post-surgery adjustments, is twice as likely to achieve 20/20 vision at 6 months without glasses compared to a standard monofocal IOL
  • Light treatments painless, non-invasive, and quick
  • Only 2 to 4 in-office light treatments are needed within 2 weeks following surgery to achieve vision goals

Why are UV Protective Glasses Necessary?

To protect the newly implanted lens during the adjustment phase, it is crucial for patients to wear special RxSight UV protective glasses. These glasses should be worn during waking hours from the time of lens implantation until 24 hours after the final light treatment. This precaution prevents exposure to indoor and outdoor UV light sources that could potentially cause uncontrolled changes to the lens.

A clear pair of protective glasses must be worn indoors, and a tinted pair must be worn in all bright sunlight conditions. The glasses may be removed when sleeping, and may be temporarily removed when showering, washing the face, or applying eye drops as long as there is no exposure to direct sunlight.

To learn more about the Light Adjustable Lens and determine if you are a candidate for this groundbreaking technology, Contact Us to schedule a consultation. The dedicated team at Heart of America is ready to provide you with comprehensive information and guidance tailored to your unique needs and vision goals.

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