Optical Shop - Supplements

We stock a line of eye health supplements manufactured in the USA in certified facilities, containing premium ingredients, and formulated by doctors. Several research studies show that the antioxidant properties of vitamins C and E may protect against the development and progression of cataracts. Evidence also suggests that taking the supplements lutein (pronounced loo-teen) and zeaxanthin (pronounced zee-uh-zan-thin) may also help protect against macular degeneration.

Auto-ship options of supplements are available.

Dry Eye Relief
1500 mg Triglycerides + Flaxseed Oil and other ingredients to decrease dryness symptoms

Omega Shield
2000 mg re-esterfied triglycerides without fishy after taste

Macular Shield
AREDS 2 formulation with 10 mg high quality lutein

Daily Shield
Provides healthy vitamins and minerals plus AREDS 2 ingredients

Macular Shield
with Multivitamin
Same high quality Macular Shield supplement with additional vitamins and minerals

Glaucoma Shield
Supports good ocular blood flow